"Tìoraidh m' eudail."

Translation:Bye, my darling.

July 21, 2020

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Can we get some clarification on how this is used, please? Is it one lover to another? or mum to kids? or lady in the shop who calls everyone 'Sweetheart', or 'My darling', or 'My love', but doesn't actually know them? Or all of the above?


Im curious of the etymology of why this word is "m' eudail" as opposed to "m'eudail." Any information would be grately appreciated. Mòran taing!


The reason, as I understand it, is because m' eudail is not one word, it is two words. M' is a short form of mo (my), eudail is darling. Mo is shortened in order to avoid having two vowels collide, creating VCM (Vowel Critical Mass) and blowing the whole sentence out the window. 8~)


why does leargaelic.scot say that tioraidh means cheers and duolingo says it means bye but both are accepted? Are they just two diffrent meanings or is one correct?

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