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"You are a really talented dancer."

Translation:Sinä olet tosi lahjakas tanssija.

July 21, 2020



Why is todella not accepted for really in this example, instead of the desired tosi?


It should be accepted, 'tosi' is more common in spoken language and 'todella' in written language, but sometimes used in spoken language too, especially when wanting to really stress something. You can report that as a missing translation.


I wrote "Oot tosi lahjakas tanssija" (and it was marked wrong). I thought "oon" means: I am, and "oot" means: you are. Like in that song from Eevil Stöö - Oon jo iso poika

Is oot wrong here?


It's not wrong but it's spoken language and I'm not sure if the team is going to include spoken language words to this course once it gets out of the beta state. We will see about that eventually.


Is it wrong to say "olet niin lahjakas tanssija"?


You can say that, but "niin" does not equal "tosi". That would translate to "you are such a talented dancer".


Why not tanssiko ?? A dancer


tanssiiko means "is he dancing ?" not "a dancer". -ja is often use after verbs to indicate a specialization in an action (if i can say it like that) Tanssia (dance) => Tanssija (dancer) , Laulaa (sing) => Laulaja (singer), Tappaa (kill) => Tappaja (killer)...

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