"The one he had is not bad; mine is better."

Translation:Celle qu'il a eue n'est pas mal, la mienne est mieux.

July 21, 2020

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I typed this and it was accepted:

"celui qu'il a eu n'est pas mauvais, le mien est meilleur"

But the answer has mieux, not meilleur, so I was surprised that my answer was accepted. Which is correct?

[deactivated user]

    Both are actually correct. "... le mien est meilleur" says that I have a better (adjective) one; "...le mien est mieux" says that mine is better (adverb) [than yours].


    I think it's because you used masculine words (celui, eu, mauvais, le mien) instead of feminine words (celle, eue, mauvaise, la mienne)


    Could we also use the word "meilleur" instead of mieux?


    I would have thought that "Ce qu'il a eu n'est pas mal, le mien est mieux" were the masculine version of Duo's translation, but it was not accepted. Where did I go wrong, or should I report ?

    [deactivated user]

      "Celui qu'il a eu..." -- otherwise perfect!


      Why "il a eu" and not "il avait"?

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