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"This small, sour fruit isn't either good or bad."

Translation:Ce petit fruit acide n'est ni bon ni mauvais.

July 21, 2020



MODERATOR, SVP: Why isn't the English translation: "This small sour fruit is NEITHER good NOR bad." To say "isn't" — is this incorrect? "Ce petit fruit acide n'est pas ni bon ni mauvais." Please advise. Merci.


Don't use pas with ni... ni


If not actually wrong, it certainly sounds clumsy.


No. It will be accepted if you type it in, since both "not...either" and "neither" are correct English.

(The default translation is used to make it a more direct reverse translation in a subsequent lesson, not because it's "better English".)


trying to remember why mal or nul doesn't work here. why does it only accept mauvais


Because "mauvais" is the real opposite of "bon"; "mal" is an adverb, the opposite of "bien"; "nul" covers a range of unpleasent things, it's not a good choice for such a symmetric opposition.


'agri' is also sour.

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