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"Lahjakas laulaja asuu Italiassa."

Translation:The talented singer lives in Italy.

July 21, 2020



"Gifted singer", that's what it literally translates to... I understand "talented" is a more common word, but I feel "gifted singer" should definitely be accepted as a possible translation.


Gifted and talented mean pretty much the same in English. Both should be accepted.


Darn, if it wasn't for your comment I wouldn't have realised that it means "gifted" (and lahja even means a gift/a present) and not talented.

Using this word is a good way to insult someone without realising it. I did that once, the conversation went along the lines of :

Me: "-- Wow, you are so gifted!".

Other: " -- Don't use that word, really, don't. Do you think it's only a "gift"? That I didn't work hard for countless hours to get to this result? Nearly no one is born gifted, it's almost always hard work, and that word is so dismissive of all those efforts."

Well.... woops...


That's a terrible reaction. I don't think "talented" would have made it any better for that person. I don't think "lahjakas" should be considered an insult in Finnish either. Like, isn't the whole point of practicing to make it seem effortless?


I agree! Gifted singer should also be accepted!

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