"The résumés are in the green folder; give them to me."

Translation:Les CV sont dans le dossier vert, donnez-les-moi.

July 21, 2020

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Résumés aren't résumés in French, then? I'm confused!


There's a big discussion about this on another forum when CV pops up. It's best to find that! Though essentially, from what I remember, CV is used for all formats (the short résumé and the long-form CV).

I just thought I'd come here to say that if anyone is wondering why CV isn't pluralised, it is, but in the original Latin: curriculum vita becomes ~vitae in the plural, hence no change. Not everyone knows Latin!


My Latin was learned many years ago. I thought it was curriculum which pluralised to curricula, and that vitae applied to both was in the genetive (or is it the ablative), not the plural. It's still CV pluralised to CV, but you've got me wondering now .... Can anyone enlighten me?


But "CV" isn't "curriculum vita," or even ".. vitae." If it is going to be used as if it was an English word, it needs to be pluralised in English, CVs... Oh, and not, (gawdelpus)... "CV's."

Myself, I tried to double-think Duolingo and used "résumés" as a translation of résumés. How silly of me. I should have known better by now.

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interesting that in the English "résumés", Duo includes two accents, not customary in English Canada.


It's because of the difference between résumé and "resume" (restart). Saves confusion :D


What I don't understand is why "Les CV sont dans le dossier vert, donnez-les-moi" is a correct solution, and "Les résumés sont dans le dossier vert, donnez-les-moi" is not? https://context.reverso.net/translation/english-french/RESUME


Agree that it should be accepted, especially since, in both languages, a "résumé" does not necessarily mean a "CV".


Why isn't résumés accepted?

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