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"Oletko varma, että tuo on oikea pistoke?"

Translation:Are you sure that that is the right power plug?

July 21, 2020



Does "pistoke" have to specifically be a power plug? Isn't "plug" enough? Is there a different word for a USB plug or a headphones plug?


A plug is more general, which can, among other things, be an ignition plug, which would be "sytytystulppa" in Finnish, so just "plug" can also translate to "tulppa". "Pistoke" is exclusively a power plug. I don't think I've ever heard a USB plug being referred to as a "USB-tulppa". The only term that comes to mind is "USB-portti". A headphone jack can be referred to as a "jakkiliitin", "plugiliitin", and "plugi", or with the more general term "liitin".


Just "plug" was just accepted.


"että tuo..." translates into "that that...". Doesn't sound really normal to say "Are you sure that that is the right power plug"


But it is perfectly normal. It's worth nothing that they are pronounced differently. The conjunction "that", which is the first one, is pronounced as /ðət/, while the pronoun "that" is pronounced as /ðæt/.

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