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  5. "He ovat marjassa."

"He ovat marjassa."

Translation:They are picking berries.

July 21, 2020



Shouldn't "They are berry picking" be accepted as well?


This sentence doesn't sound right in English for wich the word order is quite important


What about this sentence makes it "picking"? He ovat marja would mean "they are berries" and adding "ssa" gives "inside/in" so... Shouldn't it mean "they are in berries"? "He ovat purossa" means "they are in the stream/creek", so... I'm confused.


It does literally mean "they are in the berry", it's a saying that means picking berries. I know it's a bit confusing, but it's also okay to say "he ovat poimimassa marjoja" which literally means "they are picking berries". (poimimassa = picking) I haven't tested if it's accepted here though, it should be.


I love this verb

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