"Allô, agence Fabre, bonjour."

Translation:Hello, Fabre agency, good morning.

July 21, 2020

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What is agence Fabre?


And how is one supposed to know that they call themselves Fabre agency and NOT Agency Fabre? I mean, it's not like I ever called them to find out.


Of course, in this question 'bonjour' refers ONLY to morning, how did I not see that.


It accepts: morning / good morning / good day / good afternoon.


Because almost every other example of "bonjour" in the course is hello!


I get Duolingo's point that allô and bonjour are different words with different uses. Allô is used only on the phone. Bonjour is the obligatory greeting that's used the first time you see or talk to someone during the day.

But they are both translated as "hello" in English so that should be accepted as a translation. "Hello, Fabre agency, hello."


It would be hard to come up with a practical translation because we don't answer the phone that way in English, whether you use good day or hello. It makes sense to learn the sentence as you might hear it on the phone, but it means having to give an unnatural translation.


I only heard 'Fab' rather than 'Fabre' and got dinged for it.


So, do the French not use "bonjour" to greet people in the afternoon? Really?


Did anyone succeed in saying "Allo"?

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