"A bheil e searbh?"

Translation:Is it sour?

July 21, 2020

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Sour can mean a taste. Such as in a lemon or not quite ripe strawberry. But can it also mean old clumpy milk?


Sour milk is bainne goirt :)


SORE milk????!!!! That's...whats the word for hysterical? Èibhinn gu math seems insufficient.

However, I was using milk as an example. A food that has gone bad is said to have gone sour.


Mostly food that has gone bad is referred to as spoiled. Some of it, like milk does go sour because of the lactic acid, but not all spoiled food goes sour. Though I was a little bemused that the hints think it means both sour and bitter and to me those are very distinctly different things.

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