"Je veux que tu me décrives tout ce que tu vois."

Translation:I want you to describe to me everything you see.

July 21, 2020

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I want you to describe me everything you see....denied.......am reporting.........


Hi HarishAbbe, how are you? I'm afraid Duo was correct to mark your suggestion as wrong. The verb 'describe' often needs the preposition 'to' when the description is being given TO someone. If you don't include the 'to' then you're actually asking the person to describe YOU!

eg. I want you to describe me

This is fine as a stand-alone sentence, but is not what this particular exercise is trying to say because it goes on to specify "everything you see" which is the thing being described.

As a second point, they should also accept the sentence with the "to me" at the end.

"I want you to describe everything you see to me."

Good luck!


Salut Arron220, comment ça va ? Je vais bien, merci pour votre explication.


De rien! You're very welcome. :)

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