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Edited Translations

Apparently, when someone suggests an edit and you accept it, the original version of your translation remains in the list of translations for this sentence together with your edited version. I say apparently, because I am not sure: I wanted to verify this behavior for a sentence of mine for which I accepted a modification, but could only see my own and latest translation.

Obviously, this behavior is very annoying in that people keep seeing the old (mistaken) versions and keep suggesting edits.

So, I was wondering if anyone could confirm this behavior. I think it is also a good idea to suggest to Duolingo to change this if this is indeed the case.

Thanks Jan

August 18, 2012



You are correct, both the original and the edited versions remain. I did a test and commented about this some weeks ago.

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I think it might just be a glitch. Sometimes my old one still shows up and sometimes it doesn't.

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