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"I have two grandpas with sisu."

Translation:Minulla on kaksi sisukasta vaaria.

July 21, 2020



The hint says "vaarit", should be "vaaria"


The hints don't take context into consideration, so the hint is actually correct because "grandpas" is plural and "vaarit" is also plural, whereas "vaaria" is actually partitive singular. The reason why it's singular is because numerals higher than one trigger partitive singular. A plural is used with a numeral only when the numeral itself is plural (for example "kahdet" instead of "kaksi"), i.e. when there are several sets of something.


Yes, I understand that. The problem is that hint ONLY has vaarit, and that is likely to confuse learners. I find there usually is the right answer (and even in-context examples) among the hints, while this only has this one hint that doesn't apply here...


Minulla on kaksi sisukasta isoisää. Reported.


Also minulla on kaksi sisukasta pappaa.

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