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"Yleensä kiltti koira on märkä ja likainen."

Translation:The usually well behaved dog is wet and dirty.

July 21, 2020



The English translation sounds a bit odd. Something like "The dog that is usually well-behaved is wet and dirty" would be better


In English, when two words are combined to make a single adjective, they are usually combined with a hyphen. "well-behaved" is more correct than "well behaved".


I mistakenly assumed that "yleensä" referred to the dog often being filthy, but is this a fair mistake? Or is it obvious to a native that it is wrong?


No, that's how I also read it. I'll see what can be done about this sentence...


There's a lot of confusion concerning the position of those adjectives in the whole course. Maybe it would be better to add a complete skill teaching us the correct possibilities of how to emphasize with which position, with basic examples in direct comparison?


Ehkä tämä kiltti koira on myös usein tuhma. :)


"good" is surely an acceptable translation for "kiltti" here, given that it is translated like that elsewhere in the course

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