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A Deck for the Most Common Finnish Words

If you have not heard, apparently the ~3,000 most commonly-used words in a language constitute somewhere around 80% of conversational material in general conversations (I think it is probably more appropriate to think of this as 80% of the content within ~100% of conversations held, not 100% of the content within 80% of conversations held). I'm skeptical of blanket statements like this, but alas, language is largely vocabulary, so what's the harm in learning some popular words?

There have been posts on the forum before providing sources that catalogue these words, but I'll put one for Finnish here, which actually houses about 10,000 words.

And this is the Memrise deck for the 3,000 most commonly-used words. I have yet to determine whether or not these lists mirror each other perfectly, but it seems that they do indeed both contain very popular words in Finnish.

I would encourage you to go ahead and begin learning these, not to bookmark this page and never return. Needless to say, vocabulary is important, and while the Duolingo course is in beta, it will be fairly limited. I recommend writing them down, perhaps on physical flashcards. If you write down 25 a day (and study, of course) you will have them all on paper in four months. Not so bad, right? Onnea.

P.S. You will be required to make a Memrise account, but accessing the deck does not require a paid subscription.

July 21, 2020



Niille, jotka osaavat puhua saksaa oli seuraavalla sivulla flashcardia https://card2brain.ch/ suomi - saksa pari vuotta sitten. Ehkä ne ovat vielä elossa siellä.


The Memrise course containing "the most common" 3000 words is really good, if one wants to go to university, wants to work in a governmental office or wants to read news about politics and economy. But, in my opinion, it is not for beginners. It takes too long to complete the course, and it becomes boring at some point. It does not include enough words from daily life, or they are lost in the depths of sophisticated vocabulary. In addition, it is not very helpful if one memorizes 3000 words if they do not know how to use them. For the beginners, I would suggest shorter Memrise courses, easier-to-finish ones, courses that contain basic vocabulary plus some grammar. Such courses would be much more motivating and helpful.


Oh, thank you very much for the tip. It will be very usefull.

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