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"Léo passait souvent voir Anna le dimanche matin."

Translation:Léo often used to stop by to see Anna on Sunday morning.

July 21, 2020



Since Léo stopped by often, i.e. more than once, this imperfect tense demands the plurality of the event, i.e., Sunday morningS. "Léo uften used to stop by to see Anna on Sunday mornings,


Ä more direct, i.e. closer to word-for-word translation would be "Léo stupped by often to see Anna (on) Sunday mornings." However, in English, the word order is awkward. A more natural turn of phrase would be "Léo often stopped by on Sunday mornings to see Anna." Understood that there's always a tradeoff.


My translation "Léo passait souvent voir Ana le dimanche matin" was marked wrong. The differences in names' spellings for ordinary people should not be reason to reject the translation. I personally know the girl with the name Ana.


This is another stumbling literal translation. UK people would say 'used to visit Anna'


I think it's a US English translation. I haven't tried any Brit English alternatives yet, but I hope something like "call in" would work.


Mind a French translation, that would be: Leo rendait visite à Anna


If it's a regular thing, as in every Sunday morning, then we would throw in an 'a' and say 'on a Sunday morning'.


And Ana is popular Spanish family name.


Can this be written with "pour" before "voir"?


I think it could be. That way it would perhaps emphasise the purpose of seeing Anna a little more.

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