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  5. "Which is my room?"

"Which is my room?"

Translation:Qual é o meu quarto?

May 15, 2013



there is absolutely no indication which kind of room is required here


I wrote Qual é meu quarto. They accepted it as a correct translation, but state that another correct translation is Qual é o meu quarto. How is that possible?


I wrote qual cuarto é meu? Is that poor grammer? Makes sense to me but if it's wrong I'd like to know why so I don't keep making that mistake.


Not wrong, but it is more common to say "qual quarto é o meu?"


i wrote "cual e minha cuarto" and it said i should have wrote "sala". whats the difference?


There is not a huge difference between sala and quarto (as far as I know). I think that since you write "minha" it was expected a feminine noun, which would have to be sala. You could write meu quarto-then the genders would agree.


What is the difference between minho and meu?


"minha" refers to a female noun while "meu" refers to male. You can say "meu quarto" or "minha sala"


I had the exact verbage as the answer twice! one time I didn't put a? So I put it the second time and both times it was marked wrong. I even took a picture of it

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