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"Minä haluan kaksi korvapuustia ja paljon vahvaa kahvia."

Translation:I want two cinnamon rolls and lots of strong coffee.

July 21, 2020



how is "a lot of" not accepted for "paljon"???


"a lot of strong coffee" should be accepted as correct


Is korvapuustit the plural form?


It is, but here you have “kaksi”, so have to use partitive- korvapuustia.


I've been struggling to understand when to use t or a/ä for plural. It seems like it's always an A ending versus the t. So what is the point of ''t'' to make something plural?


It isn't the plural form here, it is partitive singular form which is what must be used after numbers (except for yksi- 1). Plural is still used, but without numbers. You can read about when partitive is used and how it is formed here https://uusikielemme.fi/finnish-grammar/grammatical-cases/the-partitive-case-partitiivi


Thank you, this is very helpful.


But it is plural as there 2 cinnamon rolls. Does partitive take precedence over plural


Please check out the link, it explains the rules in detail. In short- the rule is to use singular partitive after numbers (except 1). Language constructions don't necessarily translate word for word.


Please please please address this problem. I was again marked wrong in a red box but was told “excellent “. What do I believe.? I will finish my year long real streak and then put an end to the frustration.

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