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"It is a cold day, but I am sweating."

Translation:On kylmä päivä, mutta minulla on hiki.

July 21, 2020



When I added "Se" to the beginning of this phrase, it was marked wrong. Correct? Incorrect?


It's incorrect. Finnish doesn't use dummy subjects.


So my friend said "on kylmä päivä, mutta minä hikoilen" should be accepted as well.


I can list tens of words in the app. Finish does not use....


does anyone know why sometimes when saying i am its minulla on as opposed to mina olen or just olen


It depends on the verb, in this case the direct translation would be I have sweat, so you use minulla on.


What is the difference between saying "It is an apple" and "It is a quiet morning"?

Se on omena. On hiljainen aamu.


In Finnish the subject has to refer to something; in English it's possible to have dummy subjects which are there merely to make the sentence look and sound more balanced. se in Se on omena refers to the apple. Se on hiljainen aamu is also possible as long as se refers to something. For example,

  • Mikä oikea vastaus on? What's the right answer?
  • Se on "hiljainen aamu". It's "(a/the) quiet morning".


  • Millainen aamu se oli? What kind of morning was it?
  • Se oli hiljainen aamu. It was a quiet morning.

Most of the time though, "it" is there just to make things look pretty. If you can remove "it", swap the sentence parts around, and the sentence still sounds meaningful (although clumsy), you can't use se in the Finnish translation.

  • On hiljainen aamu. It's a quiet morning. (A quiet morning is/exists.)
  • On kiireinen päivä. It's a busy day. (A busy day is/exists.)

The same applies to other dummy subjects like "there" (as in "there are 5 million people in Finland"). :)


In this same lesson though the correct answer given includes "Se on tasan neljä" so why is that any different and is acceptable, and is that not also a dummy subject?


se in that sentence is not a dummy but refers to the word kello. :)

  • Paljonko kello on? What time is it?
  • Se on tasan neljä. It's exactly 4 o'clock.
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