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"Meemissä on venäläinen mies, joka hymyilee ja laulaa."

Translation:In the meme, there is a Russian man who smiles and sings.

July 21, 2020



I actually wondered if it was anything to do with this guy ... (would the creator of the sentence care to comment, please?!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0riATLu0y0


I don't think so. I'm just happy i didn't just get rick rolled twice


"In the meme is a Russian man, ..." is wrong, why?


"There is a russian man in the meme...." why is this wrong?


I am not sure (being a non-native English speaker), but where would you put "smiling" and "singing"?

  • "There is a smiling and singing Russian man in the meme." : Can you have so many attributes?
  • "There is a Russian man in the meme who smiles and sings." : To me this is wrong since the meme is not a person ("meme who…")


The common usage of the word in the present day refers to a sort of inside joke in some internet culture or subculture, and it can take various forms, including images, videos and texts. This type of meme often gets many different variations based on the original one, and some of these variations may incorporate elements from other memes.


Many thanks for your reply... I’m still not sure that I understand it but I am sure I can live without the knowledge


The most common type of meme is a photograph with a title, often in all caps, like this one:

[deactivated user]

    ... Who is smiling and laughing is not accepted, why?


    laughing ≠ laulaa?


    I came here to ask about the spelling of Meemissä . I wasn't sure and typed "Memmissa on venalainen mies joka hymyilee ja laulaa." Duo accepted it without even telling me that I had a typo or to "watch the accents."

    I'm very happy when Duo warns me like that, instead of counting a sentence wrong for a letter or two... but accepting spelling mistakes without saying anything is taking it too far, imo.

    So which is it, meemissä or memmissa? Listening to it again I am convinced I got it totally wrong. The e sounds doubled, not the m. And because of vowel harmony the 'a' needs the umlaut.


    Meemissä; the sentence is at the top of the page in blue.

    I agree that it's annoying when errors get ignored - that is not how people learn! To save having to jump to the forum to double check spellings and accents (and you only do THAT if you have a sneaking suspicion you've got it wrong), it would be handy to have the correct sentence appear on the 'working page'. But I doubt that Duo have any plans for that (I've asked and got no reply).

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