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  5. "Huh, lasku on melko iso."

"Huh, lasku on melko iso."

Translation:Phew, the check is pretty big.

July 21, 2020



"Phew" is something we say in English when we are relieved, not when we'reshocked in a bad way, this isn't the right context for "phew"


And I'd never use "big" as an adjective to describe the numbers on the bill as opposed to the physical paper on which it is printed. I'd describe it as "high" or perhaps "hefty" but not big.


True, I would say "Vau!!" if I were shocked at the amount of the check. Or perhaps something a "bit" stronger, lol.


I agree with Michelle, phew doesn't fit here, it is a sigh of relief, not shock or disappointment. I'd probably say something like "ugh". And I'm really not sure about using "big check" in the sense that the number is high, more as there is this oversized piece of paper.


"Phew, the bill is rather big" should also be correct.


In this context huh should probably be translated as huh!

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