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"We are searching for the dog. Maybe it is already at home."

Translation:Etsimme koiraa. Ehkä se on jo kotona.

July 21, 2020



Why is this not 'Me etsimme koirasta.'? We are searching (me etsimme) for the dog (koirasta).


"Koirasta" is in elative case so it means "from the dog".


What is grammatically wrong with "Ehkä se on joko taloä?"


If the "talo" would be appropriately conjugated to "taloa" because the suffix is preceded by a back vowel, that would mean something like "maybe it already is either some house". Note that "koti" (home) and "talo" (house) are not interchangeable even though they are not mutually exclusive. Also, "kotona" is the archaic word "koto" (pretty much the same as "koti") in an archaic locative form that you hardly ever see in other nouns, and it means "at home". It could be characterised as a left-over from an older form of Finnish. "Taloa" is in partitive case, and partitive case has nothing to do with location.


So tgis was presented as a multuple choice for me, thing is only one choice had koira in it, hardly a grammar test


Sometimes I get a 'wrong' message when I use a personal pronoun. It seems unpredictable.

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