"My ex always gave me horrible gifts."

Translation:Mon ex m'offrait toujours des cadeaux horribles.

July 22, 2020

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merveilleux cadeaux = correct but cadeaux horribles = also correct. I'm confused: if "merveilleux" is classified under Goodness in BANGS and therefore before the noun, why not "horribles"?


I don't think BANGS is very useful. "De merveilleux cadeaux" ou "des cadeaux merveilleux"; "d'horribles cadeaux" ou "des cadeaux horribles" are all possible.


Could somebody please explain why it is "des" and not "les"? My understanding is that you use the definite article when you are talking about all and the indefinite article when you are talking about some. Therefore, if he always gave horrible presents surely this means that it was all the presents he gave? I put "les" and was marked incorrect.


"Des cadeaux" is the plural of "un cadeau". In English, "gifts" is the plural of "a gift".

  • He gave me a gift (one) = Il m'a donné un cadeau.
  • He gave me (some) gifts (more than one) = Il m'a donné des cadeaux


Et pourquoi ne peut pas être "Ma ex"?


Because "ex" starts with a vowel sound. So be "ex" masculine or feminine, you need "mon/ton/son" before it.

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