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  5. Can't practice weakest words!


Can't practice weakest words!

When I click on practice weakest (German) words, Duo only gives me the most recently learned words instead of the weakest ones, is there a way to fix this? By the way, I usually do Untimed practice.

May 15, 2013



You can do what I do. I click on the vocabulary tab and I can see all the words and I then scroll down looking for the weak ones. If you click on one, you will get the meaning and sample sentences and you can click on the audio and hear the word also. You will not be able to hear all the forms of the word, nor will be able to pick out just one of the forms. You will have to practice all the forms that the system gives you Also, you can click on the individual lessons and you will be given the words in that section, or lesson. Note that after you practice the word and after you push continue a couple of times so you can see the words strengthened, the programs takes you back to the same word. At this point, you can hit the vocabulary tab again, or do two back arrows to get you out of the little loop you are in. I do this every day, and I can pick and choose words that I want to practice.


Thanks for the advice! Will try.


Recent words are indeed weak and need some practice. I'd say practice engine was improved recently, because before it usually gave a lot of sentences from basic skills that have been learnt perfectly well long ago.


Thanks for your response!

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