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"Tammi on puu, jolla on vahva sydän."

Translation:The oak is a tree which has a strong heart.

July 22, 2020



Does this sentence in Finnish suggest that the oak has strong heartwood? Or is it just quirky Duo sentence?


It's mainly preparing you for the Finnish names of months. We don't use the Latin ones. January is tammikuu, "oak moon", in Finnish. It refers to the strong quality of the heart timber: the heart of winter is a strong heart. :)


Ah okay I see; I knew that "tammikuu" was January (well, not exactly "knew" as I haven't memorized them yet), but didn't make the connection with this sentence. The association with "strong heart/center" is nice. :)


Soundtrack from last exercise played with this exercise


I think "The" is not necessary.


Either "The" or "An" is needed.


False, trees don't have hearts


Actually, they have. :) "Heartwood, also called duramen, dead, central wood of trees. Its cells usually contain tannins or other substances that make it dark in colour and sometimes aromatic. Heartwood is mechanically strong, resistant to decay, and less easily penetrated by wood-preservative chemicals than other types of wood."

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