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  5. "Finland is always beautiful."

"Finland is always beautiful."

Translation:Suomi on aina kaunis.

July 22, 2020



Hello! Are there feminine and masculine nouns in Finnish and that's why I always see kaunis (and not komea) used with maa? Or is komea only used with people? Thanks!


There is no such thing as grammatical gender in Finnish. Some words do have feminine or masculine connotations though. "Kaunis" has a feminine connotation whereas "komea" has a masculine connotation.


Kristian is correct but I would like to add that Finland is usually characterized as "Suomineito" (Finnish Maiden), hence why the feminine connotations word "kaunis" is used to describe the country!


Interesting. The US is also she/her, the motherland, although those who love her are called patriots, derived from patris "fatherland."


In Finnish patriotism translates to isänmaallisuus. In the same way Finland is our isänmaa (fatherland), never motherland. Suomi-neito is a more abstract concept sometimes used as a symbol of Finland. More in visual art than speech.

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