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  5. "The song is Finnish."

"The song is Finnish."

Translation:Laulu on suomalainen.

July 22, 2020



Would this mean that the song is from Finland, or that it is written in Finnish?

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It means the song is from Finland; The word suomalainen expresses nationality and therefore means a Finn or something else that originates from Finland. If the song was written in Finnish the sentence would be Laulu on suomeksi (The song is in Finnish).


An alternative is "Laulu on suomenkielinen" (in the Finnish language).


Why is "laulu on suomea" wrong?

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It would mean that the word laulu is Finnish. It is admittedly true, but isn't a correct translation in this exercise.

<jotakin> on suomea generally would mean jotakin is a part of the Finnish language (e.g. a word), and it doesn't make much sense to say that a song is part of Finnish. You could say e.g. tuo sana on suomea (that word is Finnish).


But it gives hint you can use it !

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