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"Minulla on kiire, mutta ehkä myöhemmin."

Translation:I am busy, but maybe later.

July 22, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Minulla on kiire also means I'm in a hurry / rush and should be accepted!!!


    and in fact another exercise in this module uses exactly that translation for "minulla on kiire"


    But what’s the difference between ”I’m busy” and ”I’m in a hurry/rush”? Isn't that when you're late? (Like hurry up)


    I totaly agree, it should be accepted with: i am in a hurry but maybe later


    What does this sentence actually mean?

    'I'm busy/I'm in a hurry, but maybe (I will see you) later', just as we often say 'Later!' short for 'See you later!' in British English??


    I read it as you've been asked/offered to do something. "Hey, do you want to grab a coffee?" "Ah, I'm busy, but maybe later!"


    Aha! Now, that makes sense. Thank you!

    [deactivated user]

      This is what it means.


      Seems like the "kä" just modifies the "Eh" which is said just like "Ei". So intuitive.


      Could you please help me to understand how the word myöhemmin is made? It looks like myöha - late + a suffix (what kind of?)


      I'm wondering if it's somehow linked to 'enemmän' which we've previously learned is more. Eg more late = later. In the dictionary I've found a few other 'er' words with a similar suffix. I'd be interested to know the explanation.


      "I am in a hurry but maybe later" This has to be the most unforgiving and half baked module so far. Jesus...

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