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"The battery is dead; do you have a charger?"

Translation:Akku on loppu; onko sinulla laturia?

July 22, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Why the partitive for laturi, in the example with the given words by DL for the same sentence it wasn't in the partitive?


    The subject of an ownership clause or an existential clause in the form of a question tends to be in partitive case unless the asker is certain that the answer is "yes" and is asking just to express surprise or amazement or something like that. That's when nominative case is used instead.


    Ihan oikeasti nyt, "akku on tyhjä" on täysin oikea vastaus tähän. En varmaan koskaan sano "akku on loppu".


    It's similar to Swedish "laddare".

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