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"Vivere con un piccolo stipendio è difficile."

Translation:Living with a small salary is difficult.

August 9, 2014



You do not live WITH a small salary in English; you live ON it. Oh for some native English speaker to be involved with these English translations! I am sick of the correct English being marked wrong!


Il mio amico: Your report must have been noticed since DL just accepted "Living ON..." for me.


Three cheers for the home team! Who says reporting doesn't work? :-)


la pazienza è una virtù!


It is not accepting it now.


While I understand and to some extent sympathise (native English speaker) the programme is checking whether you understand the Italian not that your translation into your native language is accurate. There are no doubt some limitations to how this mostly free programme is put together. I do wonder about non-native English speakers who might pick-up some odd phrases but hopefully they are also checking the notes and better still, using a learn English version. I have long since adopted the policy of English as close to the Italian as I can. If I wanted to try something else or dislike the English I check these notes and if I really object I report it, but rarely 'it's not the perfect English idiom'. I came today to leave a not about 'Live on a pension' [UK Engish] but you have done that.


You live ON a LOW salary. I've reported it. Please do the same. Not only does it not accept correct English it proposes incorrect English.

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I am a native American English speaker, and I no problem whatsoever with "small salary" (although I'd rather have a big one).


It should accept "stipend" as although uncommon it is a valid English word.


The word "stipendio" is really a false friend especially for native Germans since "Stipendium" means "scholarship" in German.


"Living with a low salary is difficult" must be also accepted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In my American English, we would say "living on a small income". I would never, ever say "living with a small salary". That would imply that "small salary" is my really messy roommate who never pays rent on time or something.


What can be wrong with 'it is difficult to live with a small salary'?????


That would be "È difficile vivere con un piccolo stipendio/uno stipendio piccolo", which means the same thing but is worded differently (which means the emphasis is going to be on a different part of the sentence).


I would have placed the adjective after the noun, i.e. 'stipendio piccolo' instead of "piccolo stipendio'. Does the meaning change if it is in opposite order in this case or is it arbitrary? Just wondering...


living on not with!!


As a native speaker UK I was going to use 'with' - didn't want to lose a ♥️. But DL gave me a trial saying I would lose no hearts. Apr2021. It accepted 'Living on'.


Income should be accepted as well as salary.


Yeah, I live ON very small salary in Croatia. Rich people can't get it.


An English speaker would say "living on a small salary."

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