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  5. "Can we borrow a charger?"

"Can we borrow a charger?"

Translation:Voimmeko lainata laturia?

July 22, 2020



Why can't we use saammeko here?


"May we borrow a charger" would be a better translation to saammeko lainata laturia.


"Saada" in this case is more like "can we have a permission to". It's bit like the German "dürfen", so I'm not exactly sure if that is a proper translation even when they both have the same idea.


My answer was "Voimmeko me lainata laturia ", and it was wrong... --_--!

[deactivated user]

    Should we be using the possessive here Voimmeko lainata laturin? Or Is the partitive here because its an indefinate thing (a charger) rather than the charger


    I'd say it's because of the verb, the indefinite article and because it's a question. But I would still put it in the partitive case even if it had the definite article. Damn, this is really a though question even for me as a Finn, because when I think of it, 'lainata' can also take the accusative but I just can't make the accusative sound natural with the words of this sentence at all.

    I did bit of googling and finally found the reason and from Wikipedia, about the Finnish partitive case and this is one of the occassions it is used:

    For tentative enquiries: "saanko lainata kirjaa?" → "can I borrow the book?"

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