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  5. "Can I borrow the phone?"

"Can I borrow the phone?"

Translation:Voinko lainata puhelinta?

July 22, 2020



Yes, I too thought that "puhelimen" could be correct since it is a single definite limited noun. And I thought that "Voinko lainata puhelinta" would more properly be translated as "Can I borrow a phone," not "the phone." So my answer was marked wrong. So it goes with Finnish!

[deactivated user]

    Is it not possessive here (puhelimen) as its a definite


    "Voinko lainata puhelimen?" with the word "puhelin" in the genitive-like accusative doesn't sound very natural (entirely neutral) in a context where you want to borrow it just to call etc. since it emphasises the phone as a (whole) item. You could even translate it as "Could I borrow this entire phone?". "Voinko lainata puhelimen?" could sort of work if you e.g. wanted to take it home, for a longer period of time, with some additions ("Hei, voinko lainata tämän puhelimen kotiin?").

    However, you can certainly argue that a good translation for "Voinko lainata puhelinta?" would also be "Could I borrow a phone?". :)


    Why isn't puhelinta in the nominative case here? The sentence is referring to a specific phone

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