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"Millainen sovellus Duolingo on?"

Translation:What kind of app is Duolingo?

July 22, 2020



oh come on, accepting "app" but not accepting "application"? Reported.

[deactivated user]

    No no no sovellus is program, as a sofware developer in Finland my self, we develop apps and programs they are not always synonymous, appi is usually used here, to separate them from programs. This is a bit ridiculous coming from DL


    Me too, i.e. I am also a software developer in Finland. And I use words like sovellus, ohjelma, sovelma, lisäosa and try to use them in the senses defined in the dictionaries published by TIVIA (Finnish Information Processing Association). Having said that I understand average Joe or Jane (Matti Meikäläinen or Maija Meikäläinen) has hard time to see the differences.

    I use word applikaatio only in mathematics, when speaking about applying a function to something. And I never use word appi or äppi (expect when speaking out aloud the menus in the newest Mac OSes, what a FUBAR by Apple!!).

    Addendum 2020-10-11

    I have to take WG6d7's word for the inappropriateness of applikaatio even in mathematics. As an excuse I have that I've studied university level mathematics in Swedish, in which applicering is the correct term, but apparently not in Finnish. Mea culpa.


    sovellus is the word used in newspaper articles, in adds, and even in most of the mobile devices themselves. My phone lists the apps I have under Sovellukset. The way words are used by professionals and how they are used by people in general differs quite a lot. For instance, the word teoria, "theory" would mean something very different to a physicist than it does to someone who is not a scientist. You can find odd pairs like this in every profession, whether you are talking about natural sciences, waiting tables, social sciences, farming, engineering, taking care of the elderly, forestry, fixing cars, cinema, carpentry, sports, cleaning the floors of a metro station on Sunday morning, or anything else. :)


    I've understood that the issue is more why the English sentence uses "app" instead of "application".

    And please, do not accept words appi or äppi when translating into Finnish.


    I have learned it from sovelletureserviläisammunta that is applied reservists shooting in english so sovellus is an appliction


    Please, don't use "applikaatio" in mathematics. "Sovellus" is correct word in mathematical context.

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    Microsoft uses "sovellus" in pretty much all of their strings, e.g. iOS-sovellus, pilvisovellus, etc. - just as they call many standard applications apps nowadays.


    Microsoft suffers from "not invented here" syndrome, meaning that they tout "a new, revolutionary blah-blah" with a fancy name only to be revealed that the method or technic has been around for a good while under another name by other companies. For instance they launched last year (?) "multi factor authentication" MFa (yes, that's the official MS way to write the abbreviation), but it is nothing more than two-factor authentication –since there are (currently) no more factors than two – which is the term everyone else uses.


    First time in 9 months I hear Duolingo saying Duolingo. What a time to be alive.


    Hey! Finnish gender-free pöllö.



    In the Arabic course there is a sentence that says that «Duo is amazing» or similar. Not sure whether «Duo» stands for «Duolingo» though.

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    Se ei ole sovellus, vaan lintu.


    Why does word is to ve firts


    In the word bank version of this exercise, sovellus is not given as one of the choices, only sovellusta.

    ETA: now I just did it a second time and sovellusta was included in the word bank choices.


    Surely "application" should be just as acceptable as "app" in this answer, given one is just a contraction of the other?


    I think that "sort" should also be accepted as an alternative to "kind"


    Please use the in-lesson report button to suggest alternative translations.


    How can you suggest alternative translations? The report button I see offers a fixed set of choices and no field to submit alternatives.


    If your translation is rejected, one of the choices offered will be 'My answer should be accepted'.


    Ai niin, se painike :-)


    appa or application should be accepted

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