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"Montako yliopistoa Suomessa on?"

Translation:How many universities are there in Finland?

July 22, 2020



Is it necessary to add "there"?


It's a dummy subject. It's easier to recognise it as such when you turn it from a question to a statement: "There are [some number] universities in Finland". The Finnish translation would not begin with "siellä" because Finnish doesn't use dummy subjects so there is no possible translation for them.

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    Not really any need to require there, its perfectly understood to say how many universities are in Finland


    "How many universities are in Finland" is perfectly fine and more accurate in English.


    Seems to me that there might be a slight difference in emphasis; "Kuinka monta yliopistoa on Suomessa." e.g. one is talking about an amount of universities in northern Europe and one wants to know how many (of those) are in Finland.


    So. I'm curious. How many are there in Finland?


    I think there's 14, but I guess it depends on how you count, i.e. what institutions do you consider to be universities (is "Maanpuolustuskorkeakoulu" an actual university or not?).

    The 13 Kristian was probably thinking of: Helsingin yliopisto, Taideyliopisto, Svenska handelshögskolan (Hanken), Aalto-yliopisto, Åbo Akademi, Turun yliopisto, LUT-yliopisto, Tampereen yliopisto, Itä-Suomen yliopisto, Jyväskylän yliopisto, Vaasan yliopisto, Oulun yliopisto, Lapin yliopisto

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    According to the Ministry of Education, that's 14: 13 under Minedu and Maanpuolustuskorkeakoulu under the Ministry of Defence: https://minedu.fi/en/universities


    I would use both sentences, with and without "there", pretty much interchangeably in English. There is little if any difference in meaning. It may flow slightly better with "there", but it does not change the meaning significantly.


    What's wrong with "How many universities are in Finland?"


    Omitting 'there' in English does not change the meaning in English. It does not necessarily indicate an amount out of a larger group.


    Just asked the native for the there... Less surprising there's no there


    Are any of the universities offering courses in English? I have enrolled in Yonsei edu online to learn Korean...what about online courses??


    Lots of Finnish universities are offering courses in English, both on campus (in normal times) and online. See pieni_chilipalko's list of universities above.


    Will the "kuinka monta" here be more natural? Kuinka monta is "how many", when "montako" more like "Are there many...". Am I right?


    Kuinka monta and Montako are equally fine here (when translating back into Finnish).


    There seems to be a bug: my answer is correct, and the system also says that ("Correct! Meaning: ..."), but the layout looks like I got it wrong (red cross, red continue button, etc.).


    So much discussion about English to trawl through... But I wanted to know why yliopistoa and not yliopistot. All of a sudden plural is not formed by adding a -t.


    Monta, despite having a plural meaning, is grammatically partitive singular. So when you use monta, the following noun also needs to be partitive singular, yliopistoa.

    If nominative plural monet were being used, then you would need yliopistot. And in nominative singular, moni yliopisto.


    Oh, thank you so much! Now that you're saying I remember reading about it in the tips section, but forgot. Should have guessed it was p-a-r-t-i-t-i-v-e!

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