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"red belts"

Translation:punaiset vyöt

July 22, 2020



Shouldn't it be punaista vyötä instead of punainen vyöt, since we're talking about red belts in general, and not some particular red belts?

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Actually punaiset vyöt doesn't necessarily mean any particular red belts. Punaista vyötä, which is a singular case, would be used in e.g. "I use a red belt", Käytän punaista vyötä.

Generally, the context is important. Without knowing it it's impossible to use the correct case, and therefore in this kind of translation the unconjugated (nominative) form is always used.

This rule extends to uncountable nouns too: "White milk" would be by itself valkoinen maito; When you know the context, e.g. "I want some white milk" it becomes haluan valkoista maitoa.


And to add to this for the future: the partitive plural would be punaisia vöitä :)


Thanks a lot! This is a really helpful explanation.

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