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  5. "Two beautiful dogs love us."

"Two beautiful dogs love us."

Translation:Kaksi kaunista koiraa rakastaa meitä.

July 22, 2020



Why is kaksi koiraa followed by the 3rd person singular conjugation. Could it be: Kaksi kaunista koiraa rakastavat meitä?


It's in 3rd person singular because of the numeral.

Koirat juoksevat = (The) Dogs run
Kaksi koiraa juoksee = (The) Two dogs run
Nämä kaksi koiraa juoksevat = These two dogs run


Thanks ... am slowly starting to get the hang of this!

But why juoksevat in the last example, when there's still a number involved?


My guess would be, because nämä indicates the plural to which the verb refers.


Thank you for this explanation! Very helpful!


Why don't 2 dogs rakastavat?


I think I understood that we have two choices here: We can refer to the dogs as: Koiraa or koirat. If we choose koiraa, its rakastaa, the tense matches. If we choose koirat, it would be rakastavat.


In spoken language it is rakastaa, but by the book it should have been rakastavat. My source: native finn.


No, rakastaa is correct. It's because of the numeral preceding the noun. It triggers partitive and changes the verb to singular.

Kaunis koira rakastaa meitä

Kauniit koirat rakastavat meitä

but Kaksi kaunista koiraa rakastaa meitä

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