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  5. "Why is that star so bright?"

"Why is that star so bright?"

Translation:Miksi tuo tähti on niin kirkas?

July 22, 2020


[deactivated user]

    I had the misfortune of habitually putting "on" before the subject (tuo tähti). That was rejected. My question is, though Finns might find it strange, or even typical of foreigners: is it wrong? If it is not wrong, will a Finn recognize it as "oh boy, another foreigner (sigh)."? P.S. I reported it, although I was not sure whether it really should be accepted. Hopefully the Finnish people in duolingo will recognize it, if it is wrong.


    It sounds strange. That kind of word order is sometimes used in poetry (like old poetry). So it's not necessarily wrong but nobody just says it like that

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    To me it sounds really poetic :) But I agree, in normal situations it would be definitely a signature for a foreigner (which yet isn't necessarily a bad thing at all).


    I'd say it is necessarily wrong because the subject and the verb don't need to be and should not be inverted in questions where there is an interrogative word.

    [deactivated user]

      Thank you all for your opinion, Anna, lk_ and KristianKumpula. I know for me it will not be the last time I make that mistake, but probably when I go to Finland, I will assume the most used word order, pretty fast. Thank you all.


      Maybe this can help you remember it: Finnish doesn't throw the verb before the subject because of interrogative sentences. So every time you do that in English, just remember that in Finnish it can stay where it normally always is - after the subject.

      Especially with "miksi" it sounds just wrong to have the verb before the subject, but some other type of questions can have the verb almost anywhere but they can easily start sounding too poetic or even unnatural. So, keeping it after the subject is pretty much the safest option and you can rarely go wrong with that :) ///Edit: But only when using interrogative words! When there's no interrogative words, then the verb becomes one instead and is the first word of the sentence.


      You can go wrong with it actually. When it's a question that doesn't have an interrogative word, it needs to begin with a verb.


      Well, that's true. I will edit it to my post as I of course meant questions with interrogative words, but it can be misunderstood from my message. My bad.

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