"Tha fèileadh orm."

Translation:I have a kilt on.

July 22, 2020

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In Scotland you can say I'm wearing the kilt, and still mean I'm wearing a kilt. It's honorific.


What do you mean? There is not the in this sentence.


I'm talking about how wearing "a" kilt is described in Scotland. To "wear the kilt" is a known phrase in Scotland. Even if you're wearing "a" kilt. It is not a reference to a specific kilt, but as I said, an honorific term for kilt-wearing. This doesn't apply to other forms of clothing.


Ah, OK, didn’t know (I’m not too familiar with Scottish English). I thought you were talking about something specific to the Gaelic sentence in the exercise and got confused. :)


Duo: pst, wanna have your lesson extra hard for double xp? Me: alright bring it on Duo: proceeds to making a lesson out of exercises with "feileadh"


It's also correct to say "Tha fèileadh umam," because technically you wrap a kilt around yourself.

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