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  5. "Onde eles guardam o sal?"

"Onde eles guardam o sal?"

Translation:Where do they keep the salt?

August 9, 2014



I think "store" could also be an acceptable answer?


Agreed. It fits with the meaning.


"Where do they store the salt?" is a valid way to translate this statement. Guardar, to store, keep, put away.


I've read through the comments and understand why guardam is used however can we also use "mantêm" as an alternative?


yes - Onde eles mantêm o sal?


Is "Onde eles ficam o sal" an equivalent translation? If so, which is more commonly used for "to keep," guardar or ficar?


I think "Onde eles ficam o sal?" is literally "Where do they stay/become the salt?" which doesn't sound good. If you wanted an alternative to "guardam", "colocam" (put) works better. If you wanted to use "ficar" you could say "Onde fica o sal?" which is literally "Where does the salt stay?" and that is not too far from "Where is the salt kept?", although that's probably not an accepted answer because it doesn't mention "they".


Ah, okay. Thanks for that last part about having "they" in this sentence. That actually really clarifies the use of guardar instead of ficar, since the object of this sentence is "they" and not the salt. So, guardar would be referenced to who is keeping the salt, which ficar cannot do for this scenario since it would inappropriately translate to, as you said, to where the people are staying. TLDR: Got it! Thanks so much, David! :)


This is the first time I seen guarder being used to be honest.


Thanks! Would you typically see "ficar" used instead?


For this I would say yes, but granted I my only real experience is chatting everyday with brazilians on facebook! I would wait for a more qualified person! lol. Best wishes.

EDIT: See Davu's reply for best answer at the time of this post 10/24/14


You cannot use "Ficar", because that is to stay or become something. "Onde fica a sal?", as "Where did the salt ended at?".

"Onde eles guardam a sal?", can most definitely be approved as "Where do they store the salt?", since "guardar" both in spanish and portuguese are synonym to "put away", "store" or "safe-keeping".

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