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"No one will serve you if you're unpleasant."

Translation:Personne ne vous servira si vous êtes désagréable.

July 22, 2020



Why isnt the tu form accepted?


It should be accepted. What was your sentence ?


Mine was: "personne ne tu servira si tu es désagréable"

Unless I'm missing something it seems equivalent to the accepted "vous" answer...


Just kidding-- "personne ne te servira si tu es désagréable" is accepted :)


Tu form is NOT accepted DEC 2021!


Personne ne te servira si tu es désagréable. Accepted :)


In a previous example (something about not tasting anything if I am in the kitchen) the future - serai - was used. Why is it now to be present tense? I conjugated the thing using tu (picturing this was a friend admonishing another friend) so may that was why it wasn't accepted and not my use of "seras"?


I just did the exact same exercise earlier Jennifer, the two clauses were linked by “quand” not “si”, so “when” not “if”. In the discussion, Jojo pointed out that the subordinate clause had to agree in tense with the main clause ( for “quand” “des que” etc.) but with the exception of the two clauses being linked with “si” as is the case here, where the main is future and the subordinate is present. There may be other exceptions but this is the one that registered.


Merci! C'est clair. Je t'offre un lingot.


Vous êtes trop gentille, merci.


Would desagreable ever be plural? Vous is formal and plural. Why isn't it desagreables?


Vous is formal singular and is the only plural form. Duo's sentence is singular, but adding the (silent) 's' would be plural.


Personne ne te servira si tu seras desagreable. Here the tenses match. But I would like to reiterate with thanks to Doggydoodo1, this is not the case with si.


If the second clause was negative would the following be correct (with subjunctive): "Personne ne te servira si tu ne sois pas agréable"


I thought "si" never took the subjunctive.


You're right: https://www.lawlessfrench.com/grammar/si-clauses-conditionals/ This is a conditional sentence of the first type, so it takes présent, with and without the negation.


Thanks for the link. But I did wonder why the future tu seras was not accepted. Until I realised that in this exercise the "if..then" is reversed. And the "if" is always in the present or passé composé (according to lawlessfrench)


I don't like these translations that give no clue (I didn't see one anyway!) whether it is you singular or you plural. I did the singular version and thought that it was correct and got the big red banner!!

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