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  5. "Meillä on litra maitoa."

"Meillä on litra maitoa."

Translation:We have a liter of milk.

July 22, 2020



I think it would be really helpful to have a "Tips" section on this module explaining the use of partitive, since I (and I imagine quite a few others) have never even heard of partitive case before. From the exercises, I sort of get why one would use the partitive for some nouns, but I'm wholly baffled by why it gets used in some cases for adjectives but not in others. Please help us out here.


I thought that with specific amounts, like 'a liter of milk', you shouldn't use the partitive case. Then why is it 'maitoa', and not 'maito'?


No, any amounts and any number higher than one triggers partitive singular. If you've heard something about "unspecific" or "indefinite" amounts triggering partitive, that most likely refers to situations where there is no word that expresses an amount but there is a mass noun, for example "meillä on maitoa".


Why is "we have one liter of milk" not correct


Report it using the flag. Normally "one" and "a" are not equal but when talking about amounts it is correct for sure.

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