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  5. "Se pitää korjata."

"Se pitää korjata."

Translation:It needs to be fixed.

July 22, 2020



Reported both "It has to be fixed." and "It has to be repaired." as alternative translations on 18 August 2020...


Ok, I would have said "se tarvitsee korjata", can you not use that in that context? What's the difference with pitää here, which I've only ever used to mean "like", "hold" or "must" (mind you pitää seems to have so many meanings it's hard to keep up...)


Se tarvitsee korjausta would work, it needs a fix /repair (a noun).

Se pitää means that it is necessary that someone else does something to it. Se tarvitsee means that the thing itself needs something.

I'm sorry if this is not getting any clearer... :-)


Is the passive voice used also in the Finnish sentence? Or is the passive used in English because it is the only translation that works?


I don't believe Finnish has any passive infinitives.

I've seen sentences like 'Se pitää korjata' analyzed basically as "To fix it is necessary", where se is the object of the infinitve verb korjata, and korjata is the subject of pitää. But "It needs to be fixed" sounds better than "To fix it is necessary", and also better matches the word order of the Finnish sentence.

Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finnish_verb_conjugation#Verbs_of_obligation_in_the_agent_construction, talks about this construction a bit.


What's the difference between "se pitää korjata" and "sen täytyy korjata"?


Were it nominative 'se täytyy korjata', then I think the meaning would be very similar to 'se pitää korjata'. Though I guess täytyy expresses slightly stronger necessity than pitää.

With the genitive 'sen täytyy korjata', sen is no longer the object of korjata, the thing being fixed. It's the agent of the sentence, the thing doing the fixing. So instead of "It needs to be fixed", I believe the sentence would mean "It needs to fix".


It is not so simple. sure this is correct...but also ..It should be...or ought to be fixed say the same thing...despite thw fact that there is also "pitäisi ..." they are still not 1-1 matches


It has to be fixed and it must be fixed should both be accepted, imo.

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