"Si c'est ton choix, je te soutiendrai."

Translation:If it's your choice, I will support you.

July 22, 2020

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This is worded weirdly. "If 'this is' your choice", or, "If 'that is' your choice", would be a better example. That would imply that the choice that was previously discussed and made, is agreed with. Using, " If 'it's' your choice," makes it seem like the authority to make the choice is what's in question, not the choice itself.


Agree. That's was accepted.


But c'est means it is, this is, AND that is. All three should be accepted in this exercise.


Technically, all three should be accepted, however the OP was trying to highlight that "If it's your choice, I will support you" sounds unnatural and would be exceedingly rare. "If that's your choice...", meaning, if that is the option that you want to choose, would be far more common and a more relevant translation to practice with.


Anyone with any hints to advance re listening. I am getting there .. sometimes deciphering the liaisons but this sentence (without opening my eyes to look) would have been impossible. Seems they are saying phonetically " c say toooche oix jay tay sue-tee-n-dray"!! I would have never gotten 'ton choix"


some of these new voices are incredibly hard to understand


agree.. i copy and paste what i can into an app like reverso and listen to the sentence there... it is always much clearer.


Note (finally) a correct use of "will" in the first person!


Every time I press "can't talk now" I get marked incorrect - this didn't used to happen - I have to have my phone on silent!

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