"Flùr àlainn."

Translation:A lovely flower.

July 22, 2020

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Why can't this be "Flùraichean àlainn" as well? Adjectives in Gaelic don't decline with the noun like they do in Latin.


Why can't this be "Flùraichean àlainn" as well?

Because the question here is about singular a lovely flower (flùr) and not plural flowers (flùraichean).

Adjectives in Gaelic don't decline with the noun like they do in Latin.

Not like in Latin, but generally they do. For example a big cat is cat mòr but big cats are cait mhòra, of a big cat is cait mhòir, and of a big park is pàirce mòire… You might want to the tables in Masculine nouns and Feminine nouns on the Akerbeltz wiki.

If you got this wrong in fill-in-the-blank type question with options flùr and flùraichean to fill the first word then this might be an oversight by the contributors and it is worth reporting – I believe both flùr àlainn and flùraichean àlainn would be grammatical (AFAIK àlainn does not change in plural in Sc. Gaelic, even though it would in Irish).


Thank you for such a full answer.

Yes, it was a fill-in-the-blank type question and there is no clue to indicate whether it is singular or plural, hence my question. Not sure if I can report it from here though.


I think you have to be in the exercise to report it – you can report it the next time it comes up. :)


Ditto to everything here and below and taped leat Silmeth. I will report it.


I was marked wrong for "lovely flower". All that's missing is "a", but I thought that didn't matter in Gaelic?

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