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"Onko sinulla uusi tyttöystävä?"

Translation:Do you have a new girlfriend?

July 22, 2020



Why "tyttöystävä" and not "tyttöystävää"?


It can be both. It changes the meaning a bit. If it's not in partitive, 'Onko sinulla tyttöystävä?' it sounds like the one who asks has just heard that and is now surprised. Or the one who asks is expecting that the answer will crush his or her dreams. If it's in partitive, 'Onko hänellä tyttöystävää?' it sounds like the one who asks doesn't know anything about the possivle answer


But here it is uusi tyttöystävä. Could it be uutta tyttöystävää then?


I think it's because a noun after the verb olla takes the nominative.

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