"L'aspirateur est en panne alors je passe le balai."

Translation:The vacuum is broken, so I'm sweeping.

July 22, 2020

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Why is, "The vacuum cleaner is broken so I'm brushing.", marked wrong?


Do you not say "sweeping" in your location?


I say 'sweeping', but not without saying what I'm sweeping. In this lesson I thought it wouldn't be acceptable to say "sweeping the floor" so I put "I'm using the broom", which is a more exact translation of the French, but it wasn't accepted.


Le balai can mean brush but it's a brush you play the drums with.


and broom that you use to sweep the floor .


The vacuum cleaner is broken so I'm sweeping - is accepted, so the Brits don't need to complain!


Not a Brit here, but I hear people say "sweep" when they're using a vacuum [cleaner], too. (And yes, here in the US "vacuum cleaner" has mostly gotten shortened, but you do hear it often enough.)


In the UK, where a certain brand of vacuum cleaner used to be pervasive, you can still hear conversations such as: - What sort of hoover do you have? - A Dyson However it would be unlikely to hear someone say they were sweeping with a hoover (generic), but times are changing and there are now cordless hoovers and robotic hoovers so no doubt other band names will become verbs!


If I had been thinking when I answered, I would have used the term "sweeping" but I put "using the broom". I think it should have been accepted.


A vacuum is a volume containing nothing. A vacuum cleaner, commonly known as a Hoover, is a tool used for cleaning.


Duo's English translation inadequate. The device is a cleaner, a vacuum cleaner. And the French specifically mentions sweeping by means of a broom.


In North America, vacuum cleaner is still heard but it's often shortened to just vacuum now. I wouldn't be surprised if kids just call it the vac so they can text it faster (well, they might if they every touched the vacuum).


"broken down" is the British translation of "en panne". "Broken" would be "cassé". I put "The vacuum is broken down, so I'm sweeping up" and was marked wrong.


In the English to French version of this question using a word bank, I gave an answer that was marked incorrect and given an answer that was exactly the same as mine! Proof reading please!


I'm sweeping - what position are you supposed to be in? Really, this won't do.


I asked my french speaking co-worker how to say, "I am sweeping the floor". His answer, "Je balaie le sol"


Yes, according to my dictionary, you can just use the verb balayer. Sweeping up can also be donner un coup de balai (au sol or dans la cuisine for example).

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