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  5. "Welk paard zie ik?"

"Welk paard zie ik?"

Translation:Which horse do I see?

August 9, 2014



Why not "Which horse am i seeing?"


I guess reporting would do in this case, as it is clearly a missing answer in Duo's dataset. Although it is less common to direct the question form of seeing in Progressive mode, it is a viable option.

Support by upvoting and reporting, please.


'Which horse do I see?' means exactly the same as 'which horse am I seeing?' but somehow Duo doesn't know it (yet). Is there a course in English (for Duo)?


Verbs relating to 'sensing' something are less often used in the continuous sense.


Yup, still not fixed.


I agree. This should also be acceptable!


Still not fixed.


Still not fixed June 2020.


It is pretty difficut to me try to remember ALL THE "HET" WORDS, because in my language (EspaƱol) we have an Gender to every word, and it's easier for us reconognize them!! :)


I'm ok with it, because het (neuter) words in dutch tend to be the das (neuter) words in German so I can sort of fill in the gaps. Unfortunately, as with any language there are a gazillion exceptions to such rule so it doesn't always follow. It helps though.


Difficult for me too, in English we don't have different words like that.

(while I'm at it, it should be a gender, an is for words that start with a vowel)


Hay muchos problemas hoy. Es un dia duro.

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So I guess that "Welk" is used with het-words, and "Welke" for the rest ? The Tips&Notes don't talk about it, though you can deduce it from the different phrases in the lesson.


Yes for singular het-words:

  • welk paard
  • welke paarden
  • welke man
  • welke mannen

See full explanation here.

[deactivated user]

    how would you say: which horse sees me?


    "Welk paard ziet mij." is my guess, since the horse sees me i would use "Ziet me" rather than "zie ik".


    I put in 'Which horse am I seeing' and it got marked wrong. I do not understand why.


    Why is "Which horse am I seeing" flagged as false? It might be an unusual way of asking, but it is not false, is it?


    Is what house do i see not a correct way to say this in English


    i assume that you meant to say horse instead of house. If you did, then it's fine to say it like that, except that the dutch "Welk" translates as "Which", but in most cases "Which" and "What" are considered the same except in formal speech. (Pedants need not reply)


    Is this a closed question? If it is then why is the subject and verb inverted?


    I really don't like "do" but "can" isn't accepted


    the sentence doesn't read well in the english literral translation. 'kik' (look at) would be more appropriate than see/'zie' and it would make us learn another verb.


    Taking away hearts for mistakes ducks. Punishing for mistakes is never a good way to learn


    Thought a verb came second in a question?

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