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  5. "Onko teillä vielä nälkä?"

"Onko teillä vielä nälkä?"

Translation:Are you still hungry?

July 22, 2020



I need help here, please. 'Teillä' is 2nd plural, but 'onko' is 3rd singular, then, I don't understand the translation. Anyone can explain me this, please? Why isn't 'oletteko'?


I can see why you are confused! The question literally translates to "Do you still have hunger?". So in Finnish we usually say that we have hunger instead of being hungry.

We don't have a separate verb "to have" in Finnish. So we express it like this: personal pronouns (minä, sinä, hän, me, te, he, se, ne) in adessive case + "on" (olla-verb in 3rd person singular). It's always "on", no matter who owns or what they own

Here's a good explanation of the possessive if you want to read more: https://uusikielemme.fi/finnish-grammar/syntax/sentence-types/possession-having-something/


Good explanation kiitos


In addition to what Anna wrote, it's also possible to express this in Finnish with a more literal translation: Oletteko vielä nälkäisiä? (nälkäinen being the adjective, whereas nälkä is a noun)

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