"Ici, les couples homosexuels peuvent se marier."

Translation:Here, gay couples can get married.

July 22, 2020

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Les couples homosexuels encompasses both gay men and women.


England, Scotland and Wales passed gay marriage laws in 2014, Ireland in 2015. The hold-outs were Northern Ireland, where an act was introduced to Stormont five times before gaining a majority. Even then, the Democratic Unionists Party vetoed it; but when the NI Assembly was suspended because of internecine bickering the UK government took back day-to-day control and, among other things, passed a gay marriage law in 2020. We can now, in due course, all be as miserable as each other - which is as it should be.


les couples e meme sexe is a better term to use as these seem to imply couple of both genders not just men


"Homosexuels" refers to "couples", which is a masculine plural noun, so it requires the masculine plural form of "homosexuel". Neither the use of "homosexuels" nor the use of "gay" implies that the couple consists of two males; it can also refer to a female couple.


Marry as in the religious ceremony?!


In France at least, due to secularism, religious ceremonies have no legal standing; you must have a civil ceremony to be recognized, and those have been legal since 2013.

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