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"Excuse me, do you have a cell phone?"

Translation:Anteeksi, onko sinulla kännykkää?

July 22, 2020



Why is the word "kännykkää" in partitiivi here? Is it correct to use nominatiivi instead, i.e. "onko sinulla kännykkä"?


For some reason that I have not managed to decipher yet, the subject of an ownership clause in the form of a question has a very high tendency to be in partitive case even if it is a single countable thing.


Are these uses of the partitive certainly correct? My Finnish partner thinks not ?


Native speakers are not necessarily experts in their language and their idiolects are likely to deviate from the standardised form of their language in some ways. This is correct, and here is the reason copy-pasted from my FAQ: Partitive case is applied to the subject of an existential clause or an ownership clause when the clause is in the form of a question and the inquirer either isn’t sure what answer to expect or expects a negative answer. When the inquirer is sure that the answer will be positive, nominative case is used instead (this is usually an expression of surprise or amazement in the form of a question).


That makes sense, thank you

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